Personal Content Management

Features of DMS Software

1. Document Scanning: using scanner hooked on local or server machine- having all the features like

                               Scanning to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A,JPEG
                               Bulk scanning feature based on barcode, particular text or value
                               Multipage scanning
                               Scanning to required folder or machine

2. Uploading scanned images/files: Features with
                               Uploading scanned images, audio files, video files and/or any office files
                               Uploading directly from the scanner/folder/location
                               Bulk uploading feature from any location/external storage devices

3. Metadata/Indexing: Options for
                               Creation of Metadata using individual image (viewing image in metadata creation window)
                               Importing of index values/metadata available in Excel or csv file
                               Customised Metadata/Index fields

4. Searching and Retrieving: Features with
                               Searching images or content using metadata value
                               Full text search option (OCR)
                               Retrieving single or list of images matching the search criteria

5. Image and Metadata updation: Feature contains
                               Updation of Metadata with user privileged access
                               Insertion/deletion of any no. of pages at desired position of the scanned image (based on user privilege).

6. Reports: Various reports of Metadata and other statistics will be reported and can be exported to Excel or CSV format

7. Administration: It is user level application software where each user can be assigned with privileges for any action in the application

8. Backup: Both metadata and images can be backed up to any location

9. Log : User activities log will capture all the activities performed by users and is not editable text