About Us

Crystal Infosystems & Services, established in 1994 by a team of qualified IT & Management professionals having the strong motto of offering quality and competitive IT Services is firmly established in the IT market as an Information Technology service provider. We have the know-how and the experience to provide our customers with safe and efficient IT services. We are dependable partners to our clients for their IT requirement in their business process.

We aim at facilitating all the needs of our clients by organizing information and data in a structured and secured format to boost the competence of their respective business processes.

We truly believe that information is the essence of every organization and we assure to assist you to secure your documents.

Few of our Completed Projects:

     We have successfully computerized the birth & death documents of (BBMP) Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike from 1884 to 2007
     We have worked on the Recruitment Applications processing of (BBMP) Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and (BWSSB) Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board
     We have provided Manpower for Data Entry, Supervision, Technical, and Teaching Positions in various locations of BBMP.
     We work on Data entry and Report generation of Statistical data of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.
     We have dedicatedly completed a Data Conversion Project in Kannada, Hindi and Marathi for United Telecoms.
     We have finished Cataloguing, Indexing, Labeling, Digitizing, Scanning of Historical Records and Development of Search Engine Software for Karnataka State Archives, Vidhanasoudha
       in Bangalore and Divisional Archives office in Mysore.
     We have completed Cataloguing/Indexing around 4 lakhs records and scanning of around 30 lakhs pages.
     We had also undertaken a project which involved Gazettes, proceedings, files from the year 1860.

Few of our Esteemed Current Projects:

     Data Entry & Digitization of Yeshasvini Co-operative Farmers Healthcare Trust - Government of Karnataka.
     Scanning / Digitization / Indexing of records of BHEL Bangalore.
     Indexing and Cataloging of Files of BWSSB Bangalore.

We Offer

     Paper scanning (books,newspapers,journals,bound or loose,Engineering drawings,maps,etc.)

     Image enhancement, cleanup, derivatives, compression, etc.

     Customized and structured metadata creation.

     Best-of-Industry OCR/ICR including custom name/place, libraries, multi-language documents.

     Database/Repository load files in any format like TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, Searchable PDF etc.

     Microfilming and Microfilm Scanning.

     Records Preservation like Tissue paper lamination, Acid free boxes.

     Provide World class Project Management to ensure quality of finished product.

We take the pride to tell that

     We offer you the best world class document management experience irrespective of the size of your enterprise.

     We customize our services according to your management needs at affordable cost.

     We offer Record Management solutions which also aims at reducing the cost without compromising on the technology used in the
        enterprise environment.

     We strongly believe in adapting ourselves to the ever changing world and strive hard to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and
        technology in the market.